Shutdown of profiles (all networks)in 24 hours,
Deleting posts and Stories in a few hours.
Restoring deactivated profiles
Successful YT video report
Shadowban someone's profile thus enters the frozen zone, the profile is alive but without any activity for 3-6 months
Removal of ShadowB4na within 12h
Boost Profile
Selling 50k-1m profiles at half price
Full takeover of busy UsernamesB4n TT videos, accs
Banning inst4 chat & removing you chat ban
Removing Violations from your Inst4 profile
Banning a Whats4pp number
Snapscore H4ck
Sn4pch4t B4n

Telegram: @yaciho

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Course Learn to B4N and Unb4n Acs
Gm4il H4cking
Brute Force
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